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89'er Barn Sale


for 2020 Date & Location

in Historic Guthrie Oklahoma!

Check back soon. We will be announcing the 2020 date, times and location! We are busy planning and making arrangements for the 2020 event to be even better than our first year! Details coming soon!

Guthrie Oklahoma has a rich history for all Oklahoman’s. Not only is it Oklahoma’s first state capital it is also the site of the oldest and longest parade in the state. Every year Oklahoman’s gather in historic downtown Guthrie to celebrate the Land Run of 1889 and our pioneering boomer sooner spirit.


The 89’er Celebration Parade and Rodeo

is a long-standing Sooner tradition that is loyally attended by locals and draws tourists from around the state. Guthrie's historical and cultural relevance makes it a must-see for avid history fans.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join our vendors at the 2020 89’er Barn Sale. The crowds are already here for this slice of Sooner state history, so what are you waiting for? Become part of the tradition, sign up and get your booth space today!

2020 Event Registration Deadline to be announced.



for 2020 Event Date,

Time & Location

89'er Barn Sale is the newest event addition to the 89'er Day Celebration in Guthrie OK.

Don't miss it!
2020 Details coming soon! 

2020 89'er Barn Sale

Vendor Application 

will be available soon.

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89'er History in Pics

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Boomer Sooner

Hey Sooners! Did You Know?

  • Oklahoma's territorial capital and first state capital was located in the city of Guthrie. The settlement of the first state capital began at noon on April 22, 1889, when cannons sounded the start of the Oklahoma land run. The town was designated as the territorial capital in 1890. | read more…

  • Just four months after the land run, Guthrie had 15 hotels, 40 restaurants, 6 banks and 5 newspapers.

  • Guthrie is nationally significant for its collection of late 19th and early 20th century commercial architecture. The Guthrie Historic District includes more than 2,000 buildings and is designated as a National Historic Landmark

  • Haunted Rooms lists the Blue Belle Saloon in Guthrie OK as the fourth most haunted place in Oklahoma | read more...

For more Guthrie Oklahoma history check out these links:

Oklahoma Historical Society


Guthrie Chamber of Commerce

89'er History
Did You Know?
89'er Barn Sale Logo, Guthrie Oklahoma


Karen Duck & Kim Martin are proud to start a new 89'er tradition by founding the '89'er Barn Sale' event for vendors who want to become part of Guthrie's annual 89'er Celebration. 

Guthrie has the distinguished honor of being the site of Oklahoma's first state capital and the heart and soul of the Boomer Sooner spirit. 

Karen & Kim are passionate Oklahomans and have a successful furniture restoration business "Affordable Treasures" which is a collection of upcycled, repurposed, farmhouse furniture and decor.

The concept for 89'er Barn Sale came out of their desire to provide like-minded vendors a venue to offer quality products to the 89'er Celebration attendees. We are preparing for 89'er Barn Sale 2020 and have another great event lined up for everyone. 

2020 Registration - Check Back Soon & Register Early!

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To Be Announced!




Check Back Soon for Details!

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